Classic Designs x Modern Materials = Raising the Standard for Small Home Construction

National Vendors & Local Crews Working To Rebuild New Homes in Paradise.


The Ultimate Modern Cabin design from Blue Collar Builders TV.  Call for an application today !   New videos posted here and on our FaceBook page.  

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Paradise Rises by Blue Collar Builders TV, Rebuilding Together - Broadcast to the World.

About Blue Collar Boys TV

 Documenting for TV broadcast, a series of new, 1,200sq.ft + "small homes" and larger "Barndominium" designs...We are a seasoned cadre of new home construction architects, engineers, designers, suppliers, project managers, media production experts, national and regional manufacturers who have come together to help homeowners rebuild their California communities. Started in 2006 as the Rapid Remodel TV team, (airing on Comcast Northern California), we are rebooting and joining with community leaders, homeowners, tradesmen and vendors of Paradise to resurrect innovative, "Better, Stronger, Efficient", hybrid homes (meeting & exceeding modern fire and building standards) to qualified homeowners in the Paradise, Santa Rosa and Northern California areas.   

Working with major manufacturers and suppliers in the residential new home construction market, we are leveraging donations and discounts in order to bring down help those who are under-insured. Our homes are pre-designed and engineered in order to obtain detailed materials lists, efficient building processes, manufacturer input and specific costs...well in advance of construction.  Stay tuned for updates here and our FaceBook and Social Media pages. 


Tradesmen / Suppliers Apply Here

 Are you a licensed tradesman, builder, artist, manufacturer or sub-contractor who wants to showcase your work or product on a new home construction project.  Want to be part of a life changing event, work with great crews and see yourself on TV? (Media production experience not required).   Apply Today !  (Tell us a little about yourself and include your website url with project/product photos).   

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Bigger, better and stronger. The Blue Collar Builders Barndominium

It's All In The Details

 Typical new home construction work usually take months of preparation. We've accelerated the process by working with top tier, new home construction  teams who have joined us to design our own, trademarked, small and large footprint, efficient homes.   Leveraging tract home efficiencies, cluster home/planned unit processes, generous manufacturing and supplier discounts and community support, we hope to constructed at reduced prices, using our own participating crews, suppliers and volunteer teams.  However...Fees and homeowner financial contributions required.  Send us an email today and start the process.  (Sorry...If you are NOT insured or do not have finances to cover construction, we cannot participate.) 

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