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About Paradise Rises: Blue Collar Builders TV

 The Camp Fire was one of the worst man made fire disasters in modern history.  It ranks as the most devastating fire in California history...both in loss of property (Exceeding 12,000 structures) and loss of life  (86 identified to date ).  

This quiet, tight knit, town exemplified the best of  what small California community is about...neighbors helping each other, peaceful serenity with nature and thousands of small,  humble homes nestled within a beautiful, soaring pine forest  of the Sierra foothills.   This all changed on November 8, 2018. 


Recovery Efforts

The first two building permits were reissued for Paradise, after almost five months, on March 28, 2019. Local public policymakers want to promote rebuilding with higher standards for fire-resistant construction, upgraded infrastructure, and using the recommended 2009 redesigns for enhanced fire safety, which include safer, stronger and better new home construction standards, small home designs at least 750 sq.ft, expanded road capacity to increase evacuation capacity and to provide better access for emergency equipment.  Two weeks of rain in early March 2019 slowed removal of debris; (it was prohibited to dump waterlogged waste in landfills.) Some 1,000 truckloads of material are expected to be removed daily from properties in Paradise, Concow, and Magalia.  

Cleanup, anticipated to take a year, involves 11,000 properties. 

About Blue Collar Builders TV: Paradise Rises

One of only a few TV Production Companies specializing in new home construction projects, the Paradise Rises-Blue Collar Builder TV team is in a unique position to impact change on an important scale.  Combining forces with regional suppliers, national manufacturers, multi-location specialty subs and local area contractor teams...our goal is to help document up to 20 new home construction projects!  (A phased schedule that could last for multiple years. )  We are using our own branded, small home designs, developed specifically for the Paradise area.  Our mission is to showcase our own projects and those of the wider rebuild efforts...undertaken by community members who have dedicated their lives to bring Paradise and the surrounding communities, back to life.  Join us and the many others... for this groundbreaking and life changing endeavour.


Join Our Vendor Teams

Some of our current/past sponsors include Weyerhauser Lumber, Chief Architect, Certainteed, Amerimax Windows, Golden State Lumber, Halo Lighting, Perm LED Lighting, Conco Concrete, Kelly Moore Paint, ElDorado Stone and many, many others.   Total donations and in-kind discounts exceeded over 1M for our previous RRTV projects.  

We will feature new products in our homes: Fire Sprinkler safety, Technology/Smart Home solutions, HVAC, Lighting and other cutting edge solutions that have been developed for the new home, residential construction market. 

Start the process by Emailing us for an application. (All participants must agree to be recorded/taped for future broadcast use). 


Wildfire defense systems / wui standards

State of the art fire defense solutions

Blue Collar Builders TV will feature permanent, roof top, sprinklers systems atop our homes.  Leveraging partnerships, including Wyoming based Frontline Wildfire Defense. 

 FWD has created a patent pending solution focused on creating safe residential home sites within wildfire risk areas.  They have led the movement to adopt professional standards in the creation of defensible space, as well as plant fuels management throughout the Rocky Mountain region. 

Homes using these roof defense systems can be activated manually or remotely using a smart phone app. 

Follow the link (above) for more information. 

About WUI Standards

Wildlands Urban Interface (WUI) is the new building code standard being adopted in many rural/forested municipalities, across the West.  New homes in Paradise must comply with various standards of this code... which include among other items: Tempered glass, 5 foot minimum of defensible space around each structure, 1'ft. minimum overhanging eaves, 4/12 pitch roofs, removal of gutters (debri traps),  and fire-resistant (1hour rated) exterior siding at least 1'ft. from the ground (grade level).  All BCBTV homes will meet or exceed the Paradise adopted WUI standards.

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