Classic Designs x Modern Materials = Raising the Standard for Small Home Construction

Living Large



Were excited to partner with one of the leading Pre-Engineered steel building suppliers in the country to offer steel clad, metal truss frame buildings with designer inspired living spaces inside. Fanny Mae approved. 

The Hottest Trend in Home Design


Steel clad buildings do not burn and offer the most resistance to embers.  Fully insulated, thermally efficient,  sprinklers inside (and outside)...We have the solution to meet WUI standards without breaking the bank. 

Efficient and Affordable


Zoned for residential use, open floor plans are adaptable for a wide variety of layouts and uses:  Live-work, music studio, art studio, shop or garage for multiple vehicles. 

The big news is big space


Starting at  2,200 sq.ft. a 40 x 55' space gives you the flexibility to do everything you lower costs of a conventional stick built (wood ) frame. 

Custom Finishes


Acid stained floors add color and one-of-a-kind beauty to a durable concrete floor.  

InDoor-Outdoor Spaces


 Integrated indoor-outdoor porches and patios, oversize kitchen counters and islands up to 30", glass grill garage doors opens inside to outside.  Call for details.